School Mascot

Welcome to our NEW School Mascot,

‘SAMMY the SQUIRREL” has been adopted by our school after his home was demolished during the building of our fantastic new facility.  He now lives with us and will be well looked after and cared for.

Sammy is a young, energetic and enthusiastic squirrel, whose ancestors lived in the oak trees that grew on this site back when they were building medieval timber ships.  He’s fitted in really well and adapted to our staircases and wood effect flooring. What has eased the transition is the fact that our school is all inclusive and very friendly and accommodating. 

Sammy came to us with no name and after many long meetings, the voice of our school, the school council, decided on ‘Sammy’.  This was really important as Sammy belongs to the students.  Our mascot serves a dual purpose in our school. He brings the element of fun and identity to both students and staff and also represents the ‘Oak’ element to our school logo, something we take great pride in.

Talking of identity, Sammy has his own personal identity.  It’s not just the fact he’s bright orange and nearly seven feet tall but he now has his own email address so that he can help, advise and direct you to where you want to go or what you want to know.  Obviously nobody speaks ‘Squirrel’ so he has to communicate somehow?

So, when you see Sammy out and about on duty, collecting nuts in the yard or visiting you in lessons or assembly, give him a wave and spare a thought. ‘When you’re down or feeling blue’, think of Sammy. ‘The future is bright, the future is orange’.

Sammy The Squirrel is our Team Leader For Fun.

Sammy Squirrel

Team Leader – FUN