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Sally Jones
Lead Project Worker


If any pupils are being bullied or require any advice regarding bullying, please contact me via the address below.






A new programme being delivered by Bridgend say’s “End Bullying” (BsEB) is “Together Against Bullying (TAB)”.

Starting on Thursday 6th November in Coleg Y Dderwen; TAB is a holistic approach of working with and dealing with bullying and bullies within the school setting, working with, young people, teachers and parents over a 6 week period.

A parents session, inviting parents of those Young people who attend the school to come and speak with staff who will explain the TAB project to them and the work BsEB and the school are doing to reduce bullying incidents within the school.  Welcoming questions from parents, and staff to give parents also some support and strategies to help their child through any bullying.

The programme will deliver supportive sessions to the bullied/victims of bullying, helping to raise confidence and self-esteem to the Young people and give them as many coping strategies as possible to help them through this difficult time.

Sessions for the ‘’alleged bullies’’ where staff will raise awareness of the effects of bullying and to hopefully change bullying behaviours and attitudes.

Teacher training sessions and a peer support programme which will train Young people within the school to be peer support workers specifically for Young people experiencing bullying, so that when BsEB finishes the TAB project; there is longevity and ongoing support.

Mike Davies

Respecting Others Co-Ordinator


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Bridgend say’s “End Bullying” is a lottery funded anti-bullying project that is part of the Bridgend Youth Service.  The project works with young people between the age of 11 & 25, raising awareness of bullying issues in local Schools, Colleges and Youth clubs and also working with young people that have been referred to the project, helping them improve their self- esteem and confidence.

The project has a Facebook page called “Bseb events” www.facebook.com/bsebevents, where young people can keep up to date with BsEB activities and events. Please show your support for the project by liking and sharing the page.

If you would like any further information on the project or any help or advice on any bullying matters, you can contact the team on (01656) 754920 or e-mail us on bseb@bridgend.gov.uk






Simon Green paid a visit to Coleg Cymunedol Y Dderwen to share his experiences and advice with regards to bullying that he receives on a regular basis.

We would like to thank Simon for his presentation to Topaz College about the impact that name calling has had and the long term effect that it causes to both him and his family.

Pictured below are Simon Green with Topaz College and also our very own Rachel Jeffery who understands all to well the difficulties faced by disabled people.  


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Listen from 01:00-05:30 minutes.




As part of National Anti bullying week this year we wanted to raise the awareness of bullying aimed at pupils with Special Educational Needs. This is the national theme that secondary schools are being asked to promote. Every day pupils are undertaking anti bullying activities and the BSEB team are working with form tutors to convay this message.
On tuesday 18th Novemeber 850 Y Dderwen pupils took part in workshops facilitated by Nathan and his team. Discussing and gaining a further understanding of the issues he has faced during his life, and the obstacles he has had to overcome. 

VEUcan (Nathan’s Company) provides Disability Awareness Workshops to primary and secondary schools and is delivered by Nath Fernandes, an independent disability consultant. His workshops combines visual and physical activities to allow participants to experience various disabilities themselves, i.e. Blindness, Deafness and Cerebral Palsy (Naths own disability) which then can be related to when communicating with disabled people. 

Nath Fernandes founded VEUcan in 2011 with the vision of promoting awareness of disability to primary and secondary schools as part of the PHSE or Citizenship curriculum with the ultimate aim of raising the importance to the same level as anti-bullying or drugs. Nath also aims to promote independence of people with physical disabilities and believes that, given the correct tools, they are able to achieve the same as the rest of the world regardless of their impairments.

Nath provides Disability Awareness Workshops to primary and secondary schools and also organisations with the main focus being upon promoting equality and independence but also, through activities, allowing participants to be able to experience the everyday obstacles that a disabled person faces.

Please visit Nath’s website http://www.veucan.co.uk or call him.
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Year 9 Representatives Supporting 
Anti- Bullying Week 
Year 9 pupil Lauren Taylor kindly volunteers to help Nathan with his glasses who suffers with Cerebral Palsy.Pupils are given the opportunity to ask Nathan questions about the difficulties of everyday life and how he deals with bullying and abussive comments
DSC 9925DSC 9924DSC 9916
Pupils gave answers and suggestions to the mind map,  and discussed the impact of how they effect others livesPupils contributed to the Anti – Bullying presentation by both listening and engaging in activitiesMr Davies ( Respecting Others Co-ordinator) pictured with our guests and pupils from CCYD