Welcome to Emerald College

It is an absolute pleasure to work with Emerald students. Our College is friendly and accessible and we welcome students to approach us for help and support. Parents/carers can contact us via telephone or email and we will reply promptly to messages.

Emerald College 

Head Of College:

Ian Johns ian.johns@bridgend.gov.uk

Pupil Support Officer:

Paula Struthers 

Phoenix Support Officer:

Sian Thom

Attendance Family Intervention Officer:

Hazel Bayliss

Tutor Groups, Tutors & Co-Tutors:

G1   N Ellis / K Struthers

G2   C Evans / Ross Davies

G3   S Morgan / H Archer

G4   Jason Roberts 

G5   R Thomas / A David

G6   D Hole/ A Thorley

G7   J Barnes (PT) 

G8   S Thompson / J Ford 

G9   S Markham 

G10 A Lambert